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Expanding Horizons

The ModernRetroPlaza is a conglomeration of local entrepreneurs bringing our local community the much needed products and services available in the larger communities at a price that fits our local patrons.


The shop has the same dynamic of a all those classy strip malls, in the sense that it is housing the two ancher shops (The Superior Emporium and The V) while catering to the other local marketers such as Posh and Mary Kay reps as well as a local crafter.  The business models leave those strip malls in the dust as they strive for price points talored to the local economy. 

Meet Our Staff

Robert Cotter Sr.


The Emporium

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An Emporium of Memories

Meet one half of The Superior Emporium, a unique collection of trinkets from the world, a spinkling of relics benchmarking decades past and present.  Robert personally has traveled the world and has had the chance to witness the many customs of areas both local and far.  He brings this knowledge to the local community of Superior, Nebraska sharing the trends with his patrons on a daily basis.  Come visit Robert at The Emporium to browse through the many items they showcase or just to share the stories of his travels. 

Cindy Cotter

CO-FOUNDER @ The Emporium


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Catering the Mind Body and Soul

Get to know one half of the small town shop known as The Emporium. Cindy has had the experience of living in many regions of the world and now has chosen to settle down in Superior, Nebraska taking this time to spread Zen and smiles as she showcases the collection that her shop shares to both local and distant clients.  Take some time to converse of the knowledge she has to share on the background and benefits of the remedies of her shop as well as the symbolic nature of the decor available.  Cindy has found an outlet of sharing warmth through a collection that encompasses mind, body, and soul.

Nichole Cotter


The V

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Helping people live their dreams.

Get to know one half of The V.  At a young age Nichole became fascinated with fantasy worlds.  She was drawn to the mythical creatures that exist outside our reality.  Nichole brings her love of mystic collectibles to The V.  She is very passionate about finding the best quality product for her customers as well as a wide variety of items to choose.  Shop Mystic Collectibles and join her in the fantasy realm.

Robert Cotter Jr.


The V

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Bringing some change to the world.

Meet one half of The V, a shop that strives to be more than just a store to its customers.  Robert has seen many places and done a variety of jobs, however he has found a passion in vaping.  He brings his knowledge of vaping and his desire to help people, to the community.  Robert goes above and beyond to ensure his customers have the smoothest transition to a healthier lifestyle as well as working with them to ensure they stay strong on their path.


Learn About Our Home

Superior is a city in Nuckolls County, Nebraska, United States. As of the 2014, the city population was 1,901. Superior bills itself as the "Victorian Capital of Nebraska", and holds an annual Victorian Festival.




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