Aunt B's Kraft Korner

In our busy hussle we don't have the time to craft as we used to.  Let Aunt B ensure this doesn't stop you from enjoying the fine detail found in her handmade items.

A line of products in The Emporium are handcrafted in Kansas. These are a great collectible for any craft lover.  Some of the items are seasonal so check back often to see what is new.  Looking for something special let us know and we will suggest it to Aunt B, she may have something around the Korner.


There is something special that can not be duplicated by a mass made item when it comes to crafts.  Take your TLC home in a finely crafted collectible by Aunt B.  Her intricacy can not be beat as she makes every detail with heart.

Handmade Quality Products

2015 ModernRetroPlaza  Created by Guardian Industries.

In order to adhere to the FDA rules, new clients will be contacted with details on our age verification process for any and all vapor items. Thank you for your cooperation in ensuring our products do not end up in the hands of underage users.


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