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Loyalty Program


At The Modern Retro Plaza, we understand that you have several choices when it comes to purchasing your vaping supplies and we thank you for choosing us. To show our appreciation, we have a Loyalty Rewards Program. 

Every customer is automatically enrolled when you create an account with us. Whether you join the CLUB App or the Member's Zone (both is recommended). Our loyalty program gives you a free gift and one step towards the next status tier.  We don't want our members counting and collecting reward points with every dollar you spend on merchandise in our store. Your acquired rewards come with participation in our lounge, events and purchases as well as many other areas and can be redeemed at checkout. 

Our Loyalty program offers more to our customers than standard reward points:

  • Rewards are more plentiful.

  • No points to tally and collect, just recieve the coupons towards what you want.

  • While you are gaining status we are sending you upgrades and FREE stuff with every order.

  • Higher discount values through membership tiers.

See all the details below...



How do I become a member of the Loyalty Program?

You are automatically enrolled when you create an account with us - It's just that easy!  We can add your punches and send you your codes to use online.  If you are a local client these same codes are good in store.



How do I earn rewards?

  • Earn on merchandise at checkout; reward points are not awarded for dollars spent we are more for loyalty.  Rewards are based on purchase numbers not value.  After all, we do not want to make a person feel they have to spend more to rate in our Club we want our members to keep coming back to see us though.

  • Purchase rewards will be applied automatically to your account once the order has shipped or recieved in store.

  • We also offer additional rewards on reviews, comments, polls and picture submitions.

  • A higher membership level means your rewards are better and more plentiful.


How do I advance my membership level?

Levels are achieved as you hit each visit/interaction milestone. A  milestone is the amount of all check in counts (on social apps and club app) as well as poll answers, rewiews and other interactions with our shop and site. The value you must reach for each level is listed below. 

  • Standard - The first membership level.

  • Silver -       5 or more.

  • Gold -        10 or more.

  • Platinum - 20 or more.

  • Diamond - 40 or more.


How do I check the club and status of membership?

There are two places you can see this information. 

  • On the member zone you will find posts and pics from the other members the mobile app will give you details to your status and granted rewards for redemption.

  • Fill out the request form at any time to get an updated email of rewards available as well as granted.  Once a month you will recieve a personalized email detailing this information also.



You may redeem as many of your rewards as you wish. The tiers have entree level rewards as well as rewards which you will recieve during the month once you unlock your new level. 

Tier Values:

  • Standard - Join = FREE 10 ml. e-Juice with purchase.

  • Silver -       check in, check out or interact = 10% off e-Juice purchase.

  • Gold -        check in, check out or interact = Buy a 30 ml. e-Juice, get one 1/2 off.

  • Platinum - check in, check out or interact = 50% off e-Juice Purchase!

  • Diamond - check in, check out or interact = FREE 50 ml. e-Juice with purchase.

Tier rewards will be recieved once a month and all additional rewards will be recieved each week and bonuses will be recieved with each purchase.

Questions?  Contact our staff for details or assistance with setup.  We are here for you 24/7.  Welcome to the CLUB!

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Our number one goal is to promote local growth.

Check out our local area entrepreneurs we are working with to provide the best shopping experience all in one convienient place.

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