Giving Back to the Community

Small communities are in need of more than just the products and services of the larger areas.  A major asset to any small community is values and creating fundamental roots in our youth to allow them the ability of entering any community in the future or continuing the leadership of our town.  This summer we have launched a program that is targeted at passing on these values to the youth.  Our Summer Intern Program is a trial run at testing the willingness of youth to learn the value of a dollar and the skills needed to earn one.  If the program shows success we plan to continue the program into the year by providing a launching pad for our local youth to launch their own product lines.

You may or may not have had the pleasure of interacting with our little intern at this time.  I assure you that your time will be well spent as you see some of the items she is currently vending as well as the assortments that are in the future should her passion for entrepreneurship continue.  We are selecting great seasonal items at an affordable cost to both ensure an easy sale that will empower and enable the learning experience and a price point that will not break the bank as our community members show this young  sale lady the patronage needed to help her obtain her goals.

Interested in enrolling a young enthusiastic sales person into our intern program?  Feel free to contact us at the shop or at  We look forward to helping implement some good solid fundamentals into our beloved local areas and put smiles on faces at the same time.  

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