The Dawg House is a great shoutout to the heart of Superior!


People flock to small communities for one main reason. The small town is still a place in our world where the energy of the people making up the population is wholesome and genuinely warm. Embedded at the center of our great town is a small Bistro that takes two steps ahead of the community and reaches out a welcoming hand to the locals, passerby and newcomer equally. The quaint atmosphere of the beverage shop has aided in business meetings, birthday bashes and a place to unwind from it all. The second year is coming upon the owners of this establishment. If you have yet to check it out, there is no time better than the present. If this is a place you hold dear as a daily or weekly place to meet be sure to help share your experience with us on our social media because we love to spread the joy with everyone looking for a smile!

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