What better place to store something than in an item so creepy and strange that no one will ever want to examine it! The Celtic Skull Box is a truly unique decoration that you can use to hide all your neat little valuables.

Celtic Skull Box


  • Depicts a Celtic-Themed Skull
    Covered in Intricate Celtic Knots
    Doubles as a Small Container
    Great for Holding Little Items
    Made from Hand-Painted Cold Cast Resin

  • There is no mistaking this for a regular skull, as this intriguing little box looks like a skull that has been carved to display dozens upon dozens of different styles of Celtic knots. The cranium is dominated by a large Celtic knot and countless more grace the sides, the cheeks, and even the forehead. Lacking a jawbone, this skull will sit perfectly on virtually any flat surface, and the top of the head lifts off to reveal a hidden compartment that you can fill with almost anything you can think of! It is great for coins, keys, and assorted other little trinkets. The Celtic Skull Box is made from cold cast resin and has been hand-painted to look like bone. Given that it only stands barely 3.5 inches high, it is a unique little item that can and will go just about wherever you want to put it.