One 25 Stick Bag (25) of Our Own Emporium Made Hand Dipped Cherry incense sticks. 
          Our Fruity Loops (Type) fragrance oil is a Sweet orange, tangy cherry, and sweet vanilla bean with sandalwood which creates this nostalgic cereal scent.

Fruity Loops Emporium 11" Incense

  • Incense sticks are a fragrant aroma stick covered with resin powder and soaked in fragrance or potpourri oils to give it a fragrance. Our sticks are made of the highest quality possible to offer you a pleasant burning experience. All sticks are dipped in premium incense oil, they contain no alcohol and are soaked for over twenty-four hours. This allows the oil to penetrate the sticks resin batter thoroughly and give you the highest potential aroma possible.

  • Our incense sticks have a shelf life of 5-6 months if stored properly. Never allow burning sticks to be in reach of young children. Always ensure you place your incense in, or on, a fireproof container to catch the hot ashes while burning. Always use incense safety and caution when burning sticks.