The Master USA Folding Blade MU-A029 was indeed designed to be a wonderful knife for each of your cutting demands. Built by using insanely resilient materials, these Pocket Knives out of your expert knifesmiths at Master USA will hold on to an edge for a long time before having to be honed. The handle on the Master USA Folding Blade MU-A029 can provide an amazing hold in pretty much any condition. Master USA has been in the knife building community for a very long time, and the Master USA Folding Blade MU-A029 is the end result of their devotion to getting you among the best knives that you can acquire. One of our primary objectives here at Modern Retro Plaza is to make sure that you go away pleased, and the Master USA Folding Blade MU-A029 is one of the many folding pocket knives that we are fired up to have. For an outstanding way to make sure that you are doing work with a trusty device that won't let you down when you will need it most, pick out the Master USA Folding Blade MU-A029.


Specifications for Master USA Folding Blade MU-A029:



Blade Length: 3.5 in
Blade Material: Stainless Steel
Additional Features: Clip
Blade Type: Folding Blade

Master USA Folding Blade Forest Camo