Nobody will dare to lift the lid off this dragon! This 8 inch long, 5 inch wide, 4.5 inch high (20 X 13 X 11 cm) cast resin trinket box features a mechanical steampunk dragon head design in a metallic verdigris finish with brass colored gears and teeth to store and hide your treasures, trinkets, jewelry or coins inside the 2 inch deep interior! This dragon head box is a fantastic gift for both dragon lovers and steampunk enthusiasts sure to be admired!

Mechanical Steampunk Dragon Head Decorative Trinket Box

  • 8 in. Long, 5 in. Wide, 4 1/2 in. High
    2 in. Interior Depth
    Expertly Cast in Resin
    Hand Painted Metallic Bronze and Verdigris Colored Finish
    A Great Gift For Steampunk Enthusiasts