A delightful creamy and crisp peach vape with notes of coconut. Very similar to snake oil in character, with juicy peaches transposed for the pear.


Our Snake Venom is coiled to strike your taste buds and leave your mind numbed while the after notes begin to set in for the finisher.


The V juices do NOT contain ANY flavors that use diacetyl as a direct flavoring component. Diacetyl is a flavoring molecule used to produce “custard” notes. Diacetyl has been known, over time when inhaled to cause a condition known as “popcorn lung.”


Additionally, NONE of our anniversary blends contain any sweetening additives. The inherent sweetness of our juices are produced by the flavorings themselves.


For the Budget watchers we provide our Signature Line in Poly Bottles as well as glass.

Snake Venom eJuice (Poly Edition)


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    In order to adhere to the FDA rules, new clients will be contacted with details on our age verification process for any and all vapor items. Thank you for your cooperation in ensuring our products do not end up in the hands of underage users.

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