A delightful blend of fresh picked summer strawberries and ripened kiwi fruit.  Very pleasant. This fruity medley is a favorite combination fresh fruity scent.


Twisting tango, combining wisps of juicy, fresh strawberries with a well-balanced twirl of tart kiwi.  A delectable, juicy fragrance.

Strawberry/Kiwi Wax Melts

  • For a wonderful room fragrance in your home these 100 percent Soy Wax melts are perfect.  These wax melts are hand crafted at our Emporium store location.  We add only the finest fragrance oils and wax color dyes available to create our wax melts.  The melts can be used in any warmer to gently add a wonderful fragrance to any room.  These Fall Festival wax melts are packaged in a "six pack" clamshell holder and can "breakout" individually for use.  Each clamshell of wax melts weighs about two and a half ounces.