Youmu Konpaku uses this sword in the hit Japanese PC game Project Shrine Maiden to defeat the enemy. It is said this sword (Roukanken?) cannot be used by regular humans, and has special powers. This replica is carbon steel and unsharpened for Cosplay and display purposes. The Tsuba is all metal, followed by a wooden handle wrapped in white faux rayskin and black nylon. The Saya itself is wooden, and very unique with a flat black finish and faux pink rose attached. Also featured is a pink design painted on with pink nylon cord and tassel that appears almost as a faux shoulder strap. 

TouHou Konpaku Katana


  • Overall Length: 40.3 Inches 
    Blade Length: 26.75 Inches 
    Blade Thickness: 4mm 
    Blade Style: Japanese Katana 
    Blade Materials: Carbon Steel, Wire Brushed Hamon 
    Sharpness & Functionality: Unsharpened, Half Tang, Cosplay Replica 
    Tsuba or Guard: All Metal, Circular w Pattern, Black 
    Handle Length: 11.125 Inches 
    Handle: Wooden, Black Ito Wrap over White Faux Rayskin 
    Saya: All Wooden, Flat Black, Pink Design, Faux Rose Attached, Pink Nylon Cord Strap

2015 ModernRetroPlaza  Created by Guardian Industries.

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