Our Creed --

The mission is simple, to offer the best tasting juices at reasonable prices to discerning vapers. To offer great prices on hardware and accessories, and be on the cutting edge of new flavors and combinations. To use only approved and publicly-recognized-as-safe ingredients in all our juices. Finally, to offer unparalleled customer service to all vapers.

As the years progressed we became more than just a vape dealer... Now our brand keeps the V for value, variety and versatility.  Welcome to The V LLC!

Samurai Sword Set w/ Blue & Gold Cloth Scabbards

Samurai Sword Set w/ Blue & Gold Cloth Scabbards



98% smoked less tobacco after trying vapor.


Of vaping clients 77% are now not using any tobacco.


After switching to vaping 64% had a significant improvement with recurring smokers cough.


Of the people who vape 70% noticed increased lung compacity after transitioning.


While vaping 73% of people reported an improved ability while exercising.

Value, Variety and Versatility... Whatever you imagine, sharpen your mind.


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